Investment Best Practices
Global practices and regional environment

Attractive Investments
Fundamental changes and desirable attributes

Risk Management
Global and Regional Risk Mitigation

Investment Process
Idea generation, analysis, decision and monitoring

Investment Best Practices

Our platform is built upon our ability to implement global best practices that are carefully adapted to the local investment environment in our target markets. Our managing partners have several decades of combined experience investing in developed, emerging and frontier markets around the world. The global experience of our managing partners is complemented by their deep roots and connectivity in Latin America.

Building Blocks for Attractive Investments

Companies experiencing
fundamental changes

  • Operating Improvements
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • New Markets or Products
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Management Changes

Investment candidates
with desirable attributes

  • Exceptional Business Model and Management
  • Sustainable Fundamentals and Catalysts
  • Clear Competitive Advantage
  • Attractive Growth Prospects
  • Value Opportunity and Strategic Fit
  • Positioned to Benefit from Policy Changes

Risk Management

Monitoring Global and Macro Risks

  • Growth in Emerging Markets
  • Global Inflationary Trends
  • Financial Sector Stability
  • US Macro Imbalances

Understanding Regional Threats

  • Political Risk
  • Foreign Policy
  • Climate Change

Active Risk Mitigation

  • Local Advisory Network
  • Capital Market Operations
  • Avoidance of Dependencies
  • Diversification of Investments

Our Investment Process

Our Investment Process